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This is a Web Directory of sites that offer choral music clips in various formats. The abbreviations MP3, WMA, OGG, SWF, RA, signal the type of audio file offered on each site. Entries are arranged by number of sound clips, descending order.

  1. Boeing Employees Choir
    Listen to some selections from recent live performances.
    [9 clips - MP3]

  2. Capital Children's Choir
    The Capital Children's Choir began when a small group of 10 year old girls approached Rachel Santesso and asked her to start a singing club in St. John's Wood, London, and currently involves well over one hundred children from around the capital.
    [9 clips - MP3]

  3. Choral Music at Drury University
    The Drury Singers is the select touring choir consisting of approximately 30 singers. Open to all students by audition, the choir is made up of students majoring in all academic disciplines.
    [9 clips - MP3]

  4. Coro Natissa Di Aquileia
    The Natissa male Choir's mission is to enhance and promote the culture of choral singing in the ancient Roman city of Aquileia.
    [9 clips - SWF]

  5. Georgia Regional Girls Choir
    Listen to clips from our recordings.
    [9 clips - MP3]

  6. Gospel Choir "New Spirit"
    Audio samples from our repertoire.
    [9 clips - MP3]

  7. Marion High School Choral Department
    Listen to some sample audio clips of our ensembles in MHS Choral Department.
    [9 clips - MP3]

  8. National Children's Choir
    The Best of National Children's Choir 1990-1998.
    [9 clips - MP3]

  9. Oakland Jazz Choir
    The choir consists of 13 vocalists, one of whom is our Musical Director. It is not a "director's choir" but a "choir's choir".
    [9 clips - MP3]

  10. Peters Choir, Nuremberg
    We sing gospel songs, spirituals, oratorios, masses and the choir performs regularly with orchestras and soloists together.
    [9 clips - MP3]

  11. Ridge Road Elementary School
    Listen To Our Chorus Sing!
    [9 clips - MP3]

  12. St John's Church Choir
    Hear samples from the recordings by the choir of St John's Church. Click on a CD cover for the complete playlist as well as selected MP3 music files from that CD.
    [9 clips - MP3]

  13. St. Nicholas Center
    Benjamin Britten's Saint Nicolas. A dramatic cantata in Nine Scenes depicting the life of Saint Nicolas, his faith, his miracles and his enduring legacy. Listen to audio files for the complete cantata from Christ Church Episcopal Cathedral, Indianapolis, Indiana.
    [9 clips- MP3]

  14. St. Paul's Episcopal Church Choirs - Fairfield
    Listen to some recordings of 'The Saint Paul's Choir' and 'The Saint Cecilia Adult Choir'.
    [9 clips - MP3]

  15. Studio Theatre of California (STOC)
    Listen to The STOCtet as they sing popular songs from stage and theatrical productions plus popular and patriotic songs recognized and enjoyed by all.
    [9 clips - MP3]

  16. Texas Master Chorale
    Founded in 1986, the Texas Master Chorale is a mixed choral ensemble of 100 auditioned singers. We strive for excellence in performing a variety of choral masterworks from classical to contemporary and from sacred to secular.
    [9 clips - MP3]

  17. The Apollo Boys' Choir
    Audio clips from rehearsals, concert and radio studio transcriptions.
    [9 clips - MP3]

  18. The Boys Choir of Harlem
    The Boys Choir of Harlem Inc. is a world renowned performing arts and educational institution serving over 500 boys and girls.
    [9 clips - RA]

  19. The Cantilena Chamber Choir
    Selected works performed by the Cantilena Chamber Choir.
    [9 clips - MP3]

  20. The Keene Chorale
    The Keene Chorale is a community chorus composed of singers from many walks of life from Keene and the Monadnock region.
    [9 clips - MP3]

  21. The Yale Spizzwinks
    The Spizzwinks distinguish themselves with the vast diversity of their repertoire and the high quality of their complex arrangements.
    [9 clips - MP3]

  22. Academic Choir, Denmark
    The samples on this page can give you a hint of what you can hear for real at the concerts.
    [8 clips - RA]

  23. Cantemus
    Cantemus is a mixed-voice chamber choir based in Canterbury, Kent, UK.
    [8 clips - MP3]

  24. Cantus Basel
    Cantus Basel is a 50-voice concert choir based in Basel, Switzerland.
    [8 clips - MP3]

  25. Choir Cantosospeso - Milan, Italy
    Cantosospeso sings Bach and Afrika: audio clips from CD "Bach-Afrika".
    [8 clips - SWF]

  26. Choral School Giacomo Puccini
    Excerpts of our performances available in MP3 format.
    [8 clips - MP3]

  27. Choralations Children’s & Youth Choirs
    Choralations Children's Choir/Youth Choir was founded in 1990 by Conductor Janice Brunson, to provide the opportunity for children on the Sunshine Coast to explore a wide range of interesting choral music at as high a performance standard as possible.
    [8 clips - MP3]

  28. Clark County Children's Choir
    Listen to song recordings by CCCC Crescendo Ensemble.
    [8 clips - MP3]

  29. Corale Quadriclavio
    The choral society Quadriclavio based in Bologna, Italy, and since 1998 conducted by Lorenzo Bizzarri, is a polyphonic choir formed by lovers of sacred and Baroque music.
    [8 clips - MP3]

  30. Don Cossacks Choir Wanja Hlibka
    MP3 previews of "In dulci jubilo", a German-Russian Christmas Concert at the papal basilika minor Waldsassen, Germany.
    [8 clips - MP3]

  31. Flashback
    Known throughout New England for their superb a cappella singing and winning swing repertoire, Flashback offers Andrews Sisters' appeal with a humorous twist.
    [8 clips - MP3]

  32. Gospel Company - Sweden
    Samples in RealAudio format from Gospel Company's concert in Östra Grevie, the 5th September 1997, and Hässleholm concert the 6th of April 1997.
    [8 clips - RA, WAV]

  33. Iowa Lakes Community College Ensembles
    Audio clips of the Iowa Lakes Ensembles, "Concert Choir" and "Men's Ensemble".
    [8 clips - MP3]

  34. John Leavitt Choral Recordings
    John Leavitt is an extraordinary composer, conductor, teacher, performer, and clinician for church and school music literature.
    [8 clips - MP3]

  35. Killeen High School's Choirs
    Sound clips of 1999 TMEA Killeen High School Chorale.
    [8 clips - RA]

  36. London Oriana Choir
    Mp3 samples from previous concerts.
    [8 clips - MP3]

  37. Ricarda Huch Chor
    Audio clips of the Ricarda-Huch-Chor in concert.
    [8 clips - MP3]

  38. Senti Voices
    Audio clips from CD "La Primera".
    [8 clips - MP3]

  39. Solano Choral Society
    Selected MP3 sound clips of recorded past performances by the Solano Choral Society.
    [8 clips - MP3]

  40. The Cambridge Chord Company
    The Cambridge Chord Company is the foremost men's chorus of its kind in Europe. We aim to promote the enjoyment of close-harmony singing through a spirit of friendship, musical excellence, comedy, and love of a good song.
    [8 clips - MP3]

  41. The Festival Choir of Madison
    Festival Choir is an auditioned, mixed-voice choir of 30 to 40 singers who come from all walks of life to make music together.
    [8 clips - M4A]

  42. The Miami University Men's Glee Club
    Founded in 1907, the Miami University Men's Glee Club has maintained a tradition of excellence throughout the years. The Club is among the oldest and largest groups of its kind in the nation.
    [8 clips - MP3]

  43. The Parish of Saint Matthew's Choir
    Music from the 2003 European Tour and other recordings.
    [8 clips - MP3, M4A]

  44. Vocalis Chamber Choir
    The Vocalis Chamber Choir is a select ensemble of dedicated professionals based in Western New York.
    [8 clips - MP3]

  45. Vox Early Music Ensemble
    Vox is a 12-voice professional, Ann Arbor based, a cappella ensemble dedicated to the performance of early (primarily Medieval and Renaissance) vocal music.
    [8 clips - MP3]

  46. Aoede Consort
    Aoede Consort seeks to present the highest standards of vocal performance and aims to bring a deeper understanding and appreciation for choral music to the community.
    [7 clips - MP3]

  47. Boston Latin School Choirs
    There are lots of options for singers at BLS, from traditional choral repertoire to Broadway to gospel to a capella pop.
    [7 clips - MP3]

  48. Canticorum iubilo
    Canticorum iubilo is a Czech mixed-voice chamber choir based in Prague. Listen to samples of its repertoire.
    [7 clips - MP3]

  49. Coral Carlit
    Coral Carlit is a choir of about 50 singers in Barcelona, Spain, which is dedicated to negro spirituals and gospel.
    [7 clips - MP3]

  50. Coro Anthem
    The Anthem Choir of Monza is made up of 25 singers and its repertoire consists of compositions from the Renaissance period and the 1900's.
    [7 clips - MP3]

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