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This is a Web Directory of sites that offer choral music clips in various formats. The abbreviations MP3, WMA, OGG, SWF, RA, signal the type of audio file offered on each site. Entries are arranged by number of sound clips, descending order.

  1. Harding Chorus
    MP3 samples of songs released on albums the Chorus has recorded.
    [17 clips - MP3]

  2. Humboldt University of Berlin Chamber Choir
    A few excerpts from our CDs.
    [17 clips - MP3]

  3. Limburg Cathedral Boyschoir
    Limburg Cathedral Boys' Choir is a famous boys' choir from Limburg, Germany. Their home is the musical boarding school in Hadamar, next to Limburg.
    [17 clips - MP3]

  4. Pennsbury Community Chorus
    The chorus works closely in conjunction with the choral music department of Pennsbury High School, and seeks to support outstanding young high school musicians through performances, scholarships, study, and musical support.
    [17 clips - MP3]

  5. The Pingry School Music Department
    The Music Department at Pingry encompasses the study of vocal and instrumental music as well as the study of music theory.
    [17 clips - MP3]

  6. The Ring Around Quartet
    Early music is one of The Ring Around Quartet's favourite repertoires, comprising all genres of 15th- and 16th-century European vocal music, such as chanson, madrigal and villanella-with special preference for Franco-Flemish composers such as Josquin, Janequin, and Lasso.
    [17 clips - MP3]

  7. University of the Witwatersrand Choir
    The Wits Choir is unlike any choir you have ever experienced: vibrant, young, and colourful with members from as far afield as Kenya and the DRC.
    [17 clips - MP3]

  8. Angel City Chorale
    Angel City Chorale, conducted by Founder/Artistic Director Sue Fink, is a multi-talented, multi-cultural choir made up of 160 singers that truly reflects the spirit of Los Angeles, the city it calls home.
    [16 clips - MP3]

  9. Banchieri Singers Music - MP3
    It's a little taste of our CDs!
    [16 clips - MP3]

  10. Central Washington University Music Ensembles
    Sample audio clips from recordings by CWU’s Chamber Choir, Women's Choir, University Chorale, Men's Choir and Central Singers.
    [16 clips - MP3]

  11. Chamber Choir Tourdion Eindhoven
    Listen to our music.
    [16 clips - MP3]

  12. Choros Amici - BBC TV
    Here are some samples of the choir in concert.
    [16 clips - MP3]

  13. Cori Spezzati
    Cori Spezzati is an ensemble made up of 24 singers supported in its activities by the Conseil Général des Hauts de Seine and the Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles d'Ile de France - Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication, France.
    [16 clips - MP3]

  14. Ensemble Vocal La Sestina
    "La Sestina" is a 20-voice mixed choir directed by Stéphan Nicolay, based in Nice, France.
    [16 clips - MP3]

  15. Fifth Infantry Soldier Chorus
    Songs recorded by the Soldier Chorus founded by Luther Onerheim while serving with the Third Army, 71st Infantry Division 5th Infantry Regiment, during World War II.
    [16 clips - MP3]

  16. Orpheus Chamber Singers
    Orpheus male vocal ensemble based in Lviv, Ukraine, is a professional a cappella group with eight singers.
    [16 clips - MP3]

  17. VoXX - Voice of Twenty
    VoXX (Voice of Twenty), formerly known as Ave Maris Stella, is a highly regarded a cappella vocal ensemble based in midcoast Maine that performs varied programs of mostly early music.
    [16 clips - MP3]

  18. Wellington Community Choir
    Samples of Wellington Community Choir's repertoire.
    [16 clips - MP3]

  19. Wilds Choir And Orchestra
    Sound clips from CD "Sing Praise To God".
    [16 clips - MP3]

  20. Cantata Singers of Ottawa
    Listen to music selections of the choir from concerts from over the years and from our CD of Christmas music.
    [15 clips - MP3]

  21. Caroling, Caroling: The Alfred Burt Christmas Collection
    The Millennium Choir sings Burt's fifteen beloved choral arrangements set to Lex de Azevedo's festive orchestrations.
    [15 clips - MP3]

  22. Chamber Choir Michaelstein
    Listen to audio samples from our recordings.
    [15 clips - MP3]

  23. Clackamas High School A-Choir
    Recordings of CHS Choir performances.
    [15 clips - MP3]

  24. Concert Chorale of Nashville
    Hear samples from many of our past performances.
    [15 clips - MP3]

  25. Coro Polifonico Casella
    The Coro Polifonico Casella was founded in Salerno in 1984 from the encounter of young people animated with sincere passion for singing and desire to make music together.
    [15 clips - MP3]

  26. Epsom Chamber Choir
    We like to sing many different styles of music as these clips, mostly from live recordings of our concerts, demonstrate.
    [15 clips - MP3, MP3]

  27. Mila Vocal Ensemble
    Mila is a professional women's vocal ensemble committed to the authentic reproduction of vocal traditions from over 30 countries in over a dozen distinct vocal styles.
    [15 clips - MP3]

  28. Musica Sacra Choir
    Enjoy these recordings of Musica Sacra, directed by Indra Hughes. All samples are in the mp3 format.
    [15 clips - MP3]

  29. Peace Together Choir
    Peace Together is an inter-faith choir whose mission is to perform and record meaningful music to bring hope and peace to their listeners.
    [15 clips - MP3]

  30. Shirley McRae: Sound Files
    Shirley W. McRae is Professor Emerita at the Rudy E. Scheidt School of Music, The University of Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee, where she taught for 25 years and served as coordinator of music education for seven years. Also a composer and arranger, she has published nine books of folk and original songs arranged for treble voices and Orff instruments.
    [15 clips - MP3]

  31. The Colorado Choir
    Download and listen to selected tracks from the Colorado Choir's CDs.
    [15 clips - MP3]

  32. Chicago Chamber Choir
    Please listen to some of our favorite moments from the last few years.
    [14 clips - MP3]

  33. Ekoos Vocal Ensemble
    Ekoos Vocal Ensemble sings a variety of music from renaissance motets and madrigals to a modern jazz cantata. Listen to some of our pieces in MP3 format. We are based in Sooke, BC, Canada, on Vancouver Island near to Victoria.
    [14 clips - MP3]

  34. Ensemble Gaudio
    Excerpts from our repertoire.
    [14 clips - MP3, WAV]

  35. Gallery Music
    English church and chapel music of the 1700s and early 1800s.
    [14 clips - MP3]

  36. Kingston Chamber Choir
    Our mission is to perform at a high standard choral music drawn from a richly varied repertoire in order to move and inspire our audiences.
    [14 clips - MP3]

  37. Manchester Community Choir
    Samples from the CDs that the choir has recorded.
    [14 clips - MP3]

  38. Oklahoma Christian University
    Listen to samples from the vocal ensembles: University Chorale and Chamber Singers.
    [14 clips - MP3]

  39. Polifonica Pontina
    Listen to La Polifonica Pontina On-line.
    [14 clips - MP3]

  40. Sing Sing Vocal Ensemble
    Music from SingSing: a few clips for you, so you get an acoustic image of us.
    [14 clips - MP3]

  41. Skokie Concert Choir
    Listen to selections from our past performances.
    [14 clips - MP3]

  42. The Choir of St Peter's, Nottingham
    The choir at St Peter's is an amateur voluntary group based in Nottingham, UK.
    [14 clips - MP3]

  43. The Fishpond Choir
    The choir, which is about fifty strong, sings a wide selection of material which includes folk music from around the world, light classical pieces and items specially written or arranged by Dana and Anne. However, its first love is African music - mostly from the south of the continent.
    [14 clips - MP3]

  44. The Young New Yorker's Chorus
    Listen to music from our concerts.
    [14 clips - MP3]

  45. Tuskegee Institute Choir
    Tuskegee Choir Series, a selection of Spirituals arranged by William L. Dawson.
    [14 clips - MP3]

  46. UH Choirs - The Choral Department of the University of Houston
    Listen to some sample audio clips of our ensembles.
    [14 clips - MP3]

  47. USC Thornton School of Music
    Founded in 1884, and today the oldest continually operating cultural institution in Los Angeles, the Thornton School consistently ranks among the top one percent of the nation's music schools and conservatories.
    [14 clips - MP3]

  48. Yale Glee Club
    From its earliest days as a group of thirteen men from the Class of 1863 to its current incarnation as an eighty-voice chorus of women and men, the Yale Glee Club, Yale's principal undergraduate mixed chorus, has represented the best in collegiate choral music.
    [14 clips - MP3]

  49. American Radio Choir
    The American Radio Choir was founded in New York in 2005 by Artistic Director Daniel Shaw with the mission to advance American choral music.
    [13 clips - MP3, WMA]

  50. Antigos Orfeonistas da Universidade de Coimbra
    Audio excerpts offered at the Multimedia Center.
    [13 clips - MP3]

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